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"Do you really think you'll have a photo shoot tonight?" was one of the last questions I got before heading out the door to BIG NAVY. Seemed like a logical question - especially since it was pouring rain outside where I was dropping off my kids for Halloween.

The skies were seriously thick and dark and all I could do was hope that on my 20 minute drive some of those dark clouds would push away long enough for me to capture another amazing family in action.

Sure enough... as soon as I turned a corner in Piti... there was the sun peeking through and amazingly - blue skies in the horizon. This is so GUAM... you could be just a little ways down the road and in a complete downpour... and just around the corner are blue skies! Hmm... you could apply this Guam weather to LIFE! Even though storms or rain come and go... you can hope for those clear skies ahead... they're there - sometimes you may not see it... but if you go towards your goals or your destination... you just may be surprised to see a glimpse of light! Or you can just sit there in the rain and get wet... and never know what's just around the corner:-) hee hee I know, I'm a mom... there's always a lesson somewhere!

I'm so thankful for the small break in the weather and even more thankful for such a happy and loving family to photograph. The Peterson's made what I do so easy... as they brought water, umbrella's and most importantly - THEIR SMILES and a GREAT energy and attitude!

May these photos always bring smiles to your family, Michele & Mike! I'm so glad we were able to connect and capture these moments together... on this beautiful ISLAN GUAHAN!

Location: Gab Gab Beach on Big Navy - Guam