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Over 23 years ago, I met Fran for the first time in college and remember thinking to myself, "WHERE's GUAM?" Who knew that we would end up living only 15 minutes away from each other in 2010!

Fran & Rawlen have a wonderful little family... their kids are hilarious!!! Little Rhys is almost 4 years old and such a handsome little guy... but all he wanted to do was go swimming tonight! I'm surprised he wasn't wet by the time we left! :-) Paige shares the same birthday as I do (Oct 3) and to be quite honest I can't say that Paige is even her age because she acts so much older - so let's just say she acts like she's 13! Clearly she's not... and I just can't stop laughing or smiling when I'm around her! Quite the entertainer!!

As busy as our lives are... I'm just so happy to have Fran & her family here... she truly helped our family transition to GUAM island life when we first arrived here! What a true blessing to have that connection, especially moving so far away from our own families.

LOCATION: Sheraton, Poolside