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What a true blessing it is to be able to capture the LOVE in this family! Shelley is not only my neighbor & friend... she is the most GIVING person I have ever met in my entire life!

Let me emphasis that one again... SHELLEY IS THE MOST GIVING PERSON I HAVE EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Seriously, she is!

Shelley is always thinking of others and how she can help or GIVE of herself! She made our family a plate of brownies when we first moved here and they were not just any brownie... they were from Shelley's MAGIC oven! :-) If you've experienced this MAGIC oven... then you know exactly what I'm talking about! :-)

What an honor to be able to photograph this family! And for a small moment, be a part of their family and experience the love that they share for each other.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SHELLEY for letting me into your lives and for touching MY LIFE in such a HUGE way! I LOVE YOU and your family!!! -Dot