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My college friends... Dave & Caryn! Ohh man, I just love these guys! There is so much love in this home and it comes through in their photos! This family is beautiful... inside & out and what an honor it is to be considered their friend!

Other than my own 4 child births... the only other one I was ever present was when their daughter, Sabrina was born. I literally have known this beautiful girl the second she entered this world! That's pretty special! And Caryn was my first friend to come see me & baby Daniella... driving 3 hours to meet her the day after she was born! If I could have a sister... Caryn would be it!

Nate Nate is Mia's "brotha cousin"... don't you just love that? My little 3 year old wasn't sure what he was to us... so this is what she called him... my brotha cousin. I LOVE THAT! Nate is such a handsome and loving little boy... and I have enjoyed getting to know him. Living this military life makes it hard sometimes... I sometimes wish I could move my friends and their families with me so I always had them around. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thanks for a great 2010 Summer, Dave & Caryn. Spending time with people that I love is truly all I could ever ask! You guys are the BEST BEST BEST! Love you all! xoxoxo