Dot Ramirez Photography | Sydnee - Senior Photos 2010
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... it rained all the way from my house to Big Navy. Our photo shoot was scheduled for 7am - there were some breaks in the clouds so we waited it out for about 20 minutes, over a cup of delicious coffee, I might add and then proceeded with our photo shoot down at Gab Gab Beach... and a few at Dadi Beach.

I love love love rainy day photos... RaiNY dAy photos are always my favorite! The colors are rich, no harsh lighting and it's cooler, if that's even possible here on Guam! Okay, maybe not cooler... but not as hot! We were still sweaty after 15 minutes into our photo shoot, but Sydnee continued to look as fabulous as ever! What a cutie pie! A great attitude always shines through in photos... the proof is right here!!!

Sydnee is such a beautiful young lady and I had so much fun hanging out with her and letting her be herself! THANKS SYDNEE for a fun morning! You're stunningly beautiful!