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... this is my 2nd time to photograph this sweet girl, Abigail... the first time was with her wonderful, loving parents at Gab Gab beach with one of the most amazing sunsets during their shoot!

Well, little Abby is such a sweetie and an absolute doll baby! Look at her precious face... I just want to squeeze her cheeks! Abby is never too far away from mommy and held on tight to her mommy's fingers practically the whole time. She reminds me so much of my first born son - Morgan. He too was a self-soother and sucked his thumb! I loved that! *sigh* Now he's almost a teenager, no longer sucking his thumb and no longer clinging on to me. I miss those days! It's crazy how fast time flies and how independent our children become!

So Mommy Mary... Thank you for sharing your daughters sweet smiles with me... and letting me capture her little personality! I'm so glad that we can document this time in your her life because in a blink she'll be grown and you'll find that you'll be the one trying to hold on tight!

Location: Dadi Beach on BIG Navy - Guam
1st Fall Mini-Photo Session