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Yap is an island in the Federated States of Micronesia and from Guam can only be reached by plane 2 times a week. As luck would have it... our first year on Guam - our family went to a Travel Fair... and we won a trip for two for 4 days, 3nights - all expense paid trip to YAP.

As a final farewell - I decided to bring my good friend AMY. Our trip to Yap became a MOTHERS DAY getaway (she has 3 boys... and of course, I have my 4 kiddos). Our hubbies were wonderful to take the time off of work so we could go explore!

We were able to experience the beautiful island on land and on the water. Our host Al even invited us to his kids school as they were practicing for their year-end traditional dances.

The Village View Resort was right on the water and each night we experienced amazing Moon rises (the moon actually came up from the water - finding it's place in the sky)... as well as being lulled to sleep by the crashing of the waves below our bungelow.