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I still remember the first time I met Glynda... I was waiting at Underwater World with my kids, we were meeting up with some friends. I noticed Glynda with her kids... she was full of energy and clearly full of personality. We made eye-contact and she said, "Hi, I know you... where do I know you from?" As I looked at her, I had absolutely NO IDEA who she was and usually I will remember a face or a name. But this time - there was NO recollection.

Then it occurred to her... "Ohh... I read about you all the time on your friend Amy Morrison's blog" That was definitely a FIRST for me!

My favorite photo in this set is #26 & #56 because this made me laugh so much with the kids... their little personalities really came through when I asked them to make funny faces while Mommy and Daddy weren't looking! Gotta love it!

Thanks Richter Family for your smiles and even with GUAM heat... you were all able to look sweat-free... even though we were all sweating this one out! At least we had NO RAIN... which equals NO FRIZZ HAIR DAYS! Ahhh... small blessings, right!

Location: Plaza de Espana & Latte Stone Park- Agana, GUAM
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I am cracking up at your description of how we met. So true!! After Clay got orders to Guam I started my research and found Amy's Blog. I read it all the time for things to do and see. You seemed to be in every entry she posted. And OOHH - the pictures!!! Need I say more? Felt like I knew you both!! So funny...
Dot Ramirez Photography
It was my pleasure to capture your family. You did good, my friend on your styling and getting everyone beautifully dressed! I love you as the POP of color in this shoot! I LOVE the belts that you made for the girls... your skirt... your shoes... :-) Fantastic! Also happy that you decided to go with Plaza de Espana... it really is a beautiful place to take photos!!! One of my favorite places! And so nice that Latte Stone Park is just across the street! Wish we didn't live so far away from each other!!!
Glynda Richter(non-registered)
Dot - Thanks again for an amazing photo shoot!!! You are very talented and a true professional. Photography is an art and you are truly a master! I can't wait to hear from our families when they recieve thier pictures at Christmas!!!
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